Planning a trip is not easy. You make assumptions on what you need to do, and see, and experience - and sometimes you can be wrong. Use these tools and avoid those mistakes. 
Flights can be stressful sometimes, and public transport in a foreign country even more so. But don't worry, I've got your back. Check out these sites and you'll never (hopefully) get lost. 
Hotel? Hostel? BnB? AirBnb? What? Find the best accommodation for your next trip with the help of some digital magic.
Ever wonder how people can do so much traveling on a shoe-string budget? Deals. That's how. Never miss a deal using these sites!
Traveling solo and want to be in a group? Want a local to show you all the best secret locations? Yes? Awesome, check these. 
Gear is my holy grail. It's also many others pandora's box. Understand the jargon and learn which is the best camera, suitcase, backpack etc for your needs here. 
Planning is one of the hardest things to do when it comes to organising trips. You can produce a rigorous itinerary, or free ball it, or anywhere in between. I'm more of an in between kind of traveller, but each to their own. 

The Lonely Planet Pocket Guides are amazing with loads of detail on the highlights as well as information on lesser known things to do - they also usually have itineraries made up for different lengths of stay, a great starting place if you're feeling overwhelmed! 

Trip Advisor is so much more than just reviews of hotels / hostels - also a great resource to read reviews of things you can do such as tours, sights, places of interest etc. Check it out and see what other people have said. 

So I can access my travel plans from wherever I create a new document and upload it to Dropbox in a new folder. I also save all webpages and blog posts as PDFs, download photos for inspiration and have I copies of my travel documents there also such as flight tickets, confirmation emails, travel insurance etc. 
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I use Skyscanner almost exclusively to find cheap flights as it searches hundreds of airlines to get you the best deal. Also if you're not sure where you want to head to, search for "Everywhere" and see whats cheap! 

Citymapper is my app sidekick. When in a city you need to know the best way to navigate whether it be walking or public transport or taxi and this app has you covered with multiple routes, costs and duration. With over 39 cities mapped and the ability to vote for the next one, it's a genuine lifesaver. 

Google Maps - what a beast this app is. Did you know you can download maps for offline use? Well, now you do. No wifi or 4G? No worries. Use your downloaded map and your phones GPS and boom, you're not lost anymore. 

Interrail is great if you're planning an European tour as you can buy one ticket which will cover most of your fairs, there are some hidden fees for booking onto trains, but it's still great. 

Lastly is Uber, which is great to use for city travel especially for things like airport pick ups and drop offs. It's usually quite cheap, but do look at using public transport if you're feeling adventurous. 
There are a lot of comparison websites for booking accommodation but I personally use - I always find they have the cheapest deals and best prices. 

However, airbnb is my favourite website for booking accommodation. There is an awesome selection of rooms, houses, flats, tree houses, houseboats and more and usually at a good price. If you book using my link you'll also get £30 off your first booking!

Hostelworld is perfect for looking exclusively at hostels and getting good deals. They also have a great blog with useful information on backpacking!

Trivago is the last on the list - I always use if I'm booking hotels  so I have not yet used Trivago, but I've been told good things. I think it comes down to personal preference. 
Sometimes it's just far easier to buy everything together, flights, accommodation, transport, and when you do these are the websites I use to get the best package deals. 

Kayak is great for comparison site for booking flights and hotel all in one, and car hire if you need it. You can do the sunder the Holiday section and then view the different prices for booking. 

Icelolly has an amazing Deals tab where you can see all the recent flights ands hotels deals, using with a time limit and number left. It's great if you're not sure where you want to go but want a good deal. 

Expedia is also great for booking flights and hotels together. They have a great Last Minute section which shows flash deals if you decide on a spontaneous trip!
Going on tours are great, whether you're going alone or in a group. You get to meet some awesome people and they take all the stress away from organising everything - what could be better?! 

STA Travel is the master of tours, they have literally hundreds of tours with varying durations, activities, locations. I've heard nothing but good reviews and I'm going to be booking on for my trip to South East Asia later this year. 

Contiki is another company that hosts tours similar to STA Travel. Targeted at 18-35's Contiki tours look amazing and similar to STA have varying durations, activities and locations. One of their tours is a boat tour around the Caribbean... let me get my parrot. 
For all my gear recommendations check out my KIT page. There you can see different gear that I use and that I recommend separated into different "kits" with descriptions as to why I recommend them. There is also a comments section so we can get talking about different gear - my favourite thing!

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