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Essential Backpacking Accessories

I am a self confessed gear head, which is definitely contradictory to my aspirations of becoming a minimalist – or is it? I enjoy gear that has purpose, that has a reason, gear that is in my bag because it is essential. For that reason, I’m always looking for new gear that can do whatever my current gear does, but better. Maybe even a piece of gear that does multiple functions, allowing me to take out 3 pieces of gear from my pack. In that sense, being a gear head and a minimalist goes hand in hand… kind of. I’m probably just trying to validate my amazon obsession, or validate that hyper consumerism is beneficial because less can do more, when in reality I’m just buying more.

But I’d rather not think about that. I’d much rather share with you what’s currently in my backpack and what I value as essential backpacking accessories. Covering everything from my bag, to my soap. All is revealed in the grid below. Click the items below to see a description as to why they’re in my pack.


If you want to check out anymore of my Kit Lists to see what gear I use when I travel, then head over to my Kit account @mattstravelblog ??


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