Copenhagen Drone 4K

Let’s talk drones real quick. I got my DJI Mavic Pro on December 28th, flew it a couple times round the fields behind my house, and then took it to Copenhagen. The DJI Mavic Pro Specs are amazing, for a drone that costs just over £1,000 – the quality you get from the footage, and its small size, is simply incredible.

I went to Copenhagen with the intention of bringing my drone, and despite a couple worried weeks where I though my DJI Mavic Pro wasn’t going to be delivered in time, thankfully it did. I was so nervous about my first flight not in my backyard but the DJI Go App and the Mavic Pro Controller are so user friendly that I didn’t experience any issues. I did have a terrifying moment on one of my later flights where my iPhone crashed whilst I was flying, and for a second I thought my drone was going to fall from the sky – but it was fine, it just kept hovering, I had total control of it with the controller, and so brought it in to land. If I can fly this thing, then anyone can!

This video is a montage of the shots I took whilst in Copenhagen during what were only my still my first few flights. I could not be happier with this film, and it goes to show how brilliant DJI drones are that a beginner can get shots like these.



The shots included in the montage were filmed from flying my Mavic over Kaninøen Island, near Christiania, Ørstedsparken Park, and Kalvebod Bølge by the water front.

I hope you enjoyed the video, if you haven’t checked out my Copenhagen Daily Vlogs then please do, and remember to subscribe to Matt’s Travel Blog on YouTube!


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