Budapest Day 4 Vlog

The last day! Budapest Vlog 4!

I’ve wanted to Vlog a travel adventure for a long time. I wanted to Vlog Berlin, I wanted to Vlog Rome, and in both incidents, when it came down to lifting up my camera, facing it towards me and speaking, I didn’t have the balls.

When you Vlog, you look like an idiot, people stare, give you strange looks, and that’s pretty nerve-racking, embarrassing, and various other forms of public humiliation that you put yourself through. You don’t have to Vlog, you don’t have to embarrass yourself, but you do, because you want to. So I’m so glad I finally did it, and I’m going to carry on doing it. Yes it’s embarrassing sometimes, yes it looks silly to strangers, but it is fun as and so I’m not going to stop.



So on our last day in Budapest we started the morning by going to the New York Cafe, deemed the ‘most beautiful cafe in the world’ and credit where credit is due, it was rather impressive. I did however have pictures of the coffees / food on the menu, which usually I’m a bit like ‘aaaah, that’s a tad too touristy for my liking’. But it was nice, the coffee and milkshake was good, and Paige’s hot chocolate was basically just molten chocolate.

Later we headed to Ghetto Wall, a memorial to those that died in the holocaust and finding that in itself was an adventure. For anyone planning to visit Budapest, I highly advice you try and find it. We then spent the rest of the day meandering round side streets, heading into southern Buda and just generally attempting to suck up as much as we could in the last day by not rushing around to see tourist attractions and photo locations. We just wanted to enjoy the last day.

And then we walked across Liberty Bridge for the last time, and I knew what I had to do. I wrote a blog post about it [here](link). It was an amalgamation of emotions mainly comprising of euphoric ecstasy and sh*tting myself. The day ended with a visit to Fekete, a coffee shop I’d eye’d up a day or so before. Hands down my favourite coffee shop in Europe. I’ll probably write a blog post about it soon.

Thank you for watching, this series has been really fun to do and I look forward to making more in the future. The next Vlogs will be my trip to Copenhagen in January, but perhaps I’ll shoot some London Vlogs before then!


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