Budapest Airbnb Review

Since I first heard about AirBnb, I’ve been fascinated to give it a go. After spending hours trying to find a nice hotel to stay in when in Budapest, I thought I’d see what AirBnb had to offer, and boy did it deliver.

Costing only £27 per night, this small quaint flat on the second floor off Teréz körú was perfect. It had everything we needed. A small kitchen to cook dinner and prepare breakfast, a sofa to relax after a long day exploring, and beautifully decorated with a cosy bed just up a short staircase. The location was amazing also, very close to everything in Pest, and Buda was just a short 30 minute walk to over the river.

I loved the fact you’re staying in your own place, not a hostel or a hotel. No reception, no other guests, no room with just a bed and a mini-fridge. It’s your own place, you genuinely live there for however long you stay. From this experience alone, the ease of the website, the amount of options available, and the concept, I undoubtably from now on I will be checking the AirBnb options for all future travels. The slogan for AirBnb definitely holds true, don’t go there, live there.





Honestly, I loved the experience. I love the concept, I love the idea, I think everyone should give AirBnb a go. I understand some experiences might not be as good as others, some hosts may not be as nice or the places not as good as they look in the photos. But hey, you get the same with hotels and hostels right?

We had an amazing experience, if you’re planning on going to Budapest someday and you want to stay in the same flat, then the link to it is here but sign up to Airbnb here and get £30 off!




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