The best coffee in the world?

Tucked away and what looks like no more than a hole in the wall, is Fekete, and to date, the place where I drank the best cup of coffee of my life so far. You can find it down Múzeum art, just off Rákóczi út, and opposite the University ELTE Bölcsészettudományi Kar (yes, I did just copy and paste that).

It has an aesthetic that makes it look more suited to a street down Shoreditch than Hungary, but you should be mistaken. Budapest has a long history in coffee culture and there are numerous quaint artisanal cafés scattered throughout the city. Their minimalist shop is just beyond a single pane of glass door where you can buy mugs, roasts, grounds and coffee to go. For a more relaxing, slower paced experience, you can walk down the alley to the right of the shop and enter into their courtyard. From here you can pop into their proper café, which feels more like a kitchen than a café. With low hung iridescent bulbs, minimal decor and the smell of coffee in the air, I immediately fell in love.

Naturally I got the flat white, the only way to judge a coffee shop is by their flat white. Fekete’s slogan is *’one or two shots?’*, I naively misread the chalkboard assuming the different prices next to the flat white where for different sizes. I asked for a *”short flat white please”*, to which the barista looked incredibly puzzled. Realising my mistake, I quickly followed with a *”one shot flat white please”*, hoping he put my idiocy to simple communication error. He didn’t.



We got our coffees and sat in the courtyard outside. It was sometime mid afternoon, and the courtyard was refreshingly cool compared to the busy streets only tens of meters away. I wouldn’t consider myself a coffee connoisseur, but definitely a coffee fanatic, so I know a good brew from a bad one, and my God was this a good one.


There are tough contenders, various London-based coffee shops spring to mind, Look Mum No Hands is my favourite in my home Capital, as is Workshop Coffee. But Fekete just picks them to the post. Perhaps because Fekete is in Budapest, and I know I won’t be having it anytime soon. But that coffee, my God that coffee, I dream about Fekete coffee..


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